Farm Tour Activities

 Activities include:

*Milking Demonstration - cows &/ goats - ever wondered how milk gets from the cow or goat to the shops? We will show you!

 *Pet  the pigs - come and feed our Wessex Saddleback pigs. Our pigs love to  eat fresh vegetables and fruit, and are very friendly, they enjoy a good  rub behind the ears too!

 *Collecting  the eggs - just like a real farmer! We keep several free ranging  chickens, who you will be able to feed grain, and collecting the eggs  from the chicken house is always fun for children and adults alike. Guests at the farmstay cottage are welcome to use the eggs!



*Cuddle a cow - meet Spring, one of our Guernsey house cows. Spring loves to cuddle, and is always happy to have her photo taken!

*Snuggle the sheep - well, maybe feed them first! Our sheep love visitors and will delight with their playful antics as they eat grain from your hand.

*Bottle Feeding - Lambs and Calves (subject to availability / seasonal) 

At certain times of year we have baby animals who are bottle fed milk. Try your hand at holding the bottle to feed a baby calf or lamb their breakfast!


Pony Rides for Children

 30  Minute Pony rides are available as an addition to our Farm Tours, and  may be split in half (2x 15 minutes) to share between two children.

Pony  rides are conducted at the end of the tour, at a cost of $30, riders  must wear an approved helmet (supplied) and footwear, and will remain on  the leadrope at all times.

Please indicate your interest at time of booking, or on the day.

 *Horses loves carrots - and so do the ponies!

Come and meet our herd of horses and our beautiful ponies, 

Bella the Shetland Pony, and Blackjack the Australian riding Pony.